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Within days of hearing that Harlequin® was planning to launch a new fantasy imprint, I had called my editor and submitted a proposal. Fantasy novels by J.R. R. Tolkein, Ursula LeGuin and Lloyd Alexander had first inspired me to become a writer. I was delighted to be offered a contract for two connected books and thrilled to be the first Harlequin author to write for the Luna imprint! Recently I regained the publishing rights to these books and have revised the story into a trilogy that I hope will appeal to an even wider audience. A mixture of action-adventure and romance, the Queen's Quests series will appeal to fans of The Princess Bride, Stardust and Ladyhawke.

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The Wizard's Ward

The legend awaits...

The once-peaceful land of Embria now suffers under the occupation of cruel conquerors. Enchantress Maura Woodbury has spent her young life trying to avoid their notice at all costs. Until her wizard guardian reveals that she has been chosen to seek and waken a legendary warrior who is destined to free their people. First she must procure an ancient map which will lead her to The Waiting King. Since Maura's journey will take her into dangerous territory, she is forced to accept a magic-wary outlaw as her escort. But can she trust a man like Rath Talward…or will he prove an even greater threat to her quest?

“Gentle magic, serious sorcery, violent action, and lively adventure grace the pages of this engrossing romantic fantasy.” – Library Journal

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The Waiting King

Title: The Waiting King

The legend unfolds...

Young enchantress Maura Woodbury must brave increasing peril in her quest to find The Waiting King before the midsummer moon. Legend claims the mystical warrior will deliver Embria from its conquerors and Maura will be his consort. As she journeys through her oppressed country, Maura see first-hand, the desperate plight of her people. But how much is she willing to sacrifice to win their freedom? Will she find the Waiting King before it is too late for her beloved country…and for her heart?

“A delightful, exciting and memorable romantic fantasy about a heroine who believes in all the old legends and a hero who believes only in himself."  - Harriet Klausner


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The Destined Queen

The legend endures...

Having awakened the Waiting King Maura Woodbury thinks her duty to her country is completed. Instead she discovers her task has only begun. Her brave, beloved consort is not all-powerful, as she had hoped. Yet their people expect a miracle. Maura must journey deep into the heart of Hanish power, in search of a powerful artifact that could secure her country's freedom. This final quest is fraught with danger, not only to Maura's life and cause, but to her belief in herself and her destiny.

“A true treasured tale to enliven those romantics and adventure seekers alike.” – Anne Barringer, Fresh Fiction


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The Fugitive's Fate


A Prequel Novella to the Trilogy

In the oppressed kingdom of Embria, Sorsha Swinley longs to escape the quiet life on her father’s farm and have a thrilling adventure. But when she encounters a desperate fugitive from the Blood Moon Mines, Sorsha finds herself embroiled in danger that will test her courage, her resolution and her heart in ways she never imagined!


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The Kingdom of Embria

The Magical and Healing Properties
of Common Embrian Plants

Characters in the Queen's Quests Series

Glossory of Embrian Words

Graphic Novels

My fantasy novels were published in a number of countries and most well-received in Japan. They were soon turned into graphic novels, with stunning art work by Kyuka Min. Later the graphic novels were serialized in Harlequin Japan's first magazine, HQComics! I hope one day they will be retranslated into English for release in North America.



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