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The Magical and Healing Properties of
Common Embrian Plants

from A Shorter Vitacraft Compendium by Gelys Torkin

Candleflax staunches bleeding of open wounds

Cheeseweed soothes aching muscles

Dreamweed induces sleep, slowly if imbibed in a tea, rapidly if inhaled

Fleawort kills body vermin

Freshwort helps resist the effects of slag

Honeygrass makes hair shine

Hundredflower helps a person blend in to their surroundings and escape notice

Icemint mild stimulant

Laceweed staunches internal bleeding

Madfern causes temporary delusions

Marshwort soothes pain of burns or wounds when applied as a poultice

Merthorn speeds healing of burned flesh

Moonmallow eases swelling

Muddlewort blurs recent memories

Summerslip causes mild numbing of senses and drowsiness

Queensbalm combats mortcraft/short-term stimulant

Quickfoil potent stimulant/restorative

Winterwort heals bruises


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