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Scandal Takes a Holiday

Title: Scandal Takes a Holiday

Entangled With Twins!

Scandal is afoot when a match-making countess invites three eligible heiresses and three cash-strapped noblemen to her holiday house party! Shy, sensible Lily Crawford fears her vivacious twin sister will wed a fortune-hunting aristocrat, who might bankrupt their late father’s business and leave them penniless. She urges Iris to consider her devoted admirer Captain Aaron Turner. The captain is reliable, resourceful and ruggedly handsome, but Iris has her heart set on being a titled lady, not the wife of disreputable privateer.

Having made his fortune on the high seas, Aaron Turner is ready to settle down and gain social acceptance by winning the beautiful, sought-after Iris Crawford. He begs her sister to help him woo the reluctant heiress. When Iris falls ill, Lily takes her sister’s place but soon finds herself falling in love with the dashing captain who is determined to marry her sister. If her masquerade is uncovered, the scandal could ruin three futures and break more than one heart. Can Lily find the courage to step out of her sister’s shadow to claim the man of her dreams?

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Her Mistletoe Kiss

Previously Published in the anthology Mistletoe Kisses

Title: Scandal on His Doorstep

The Gift of a Second Chance

In the bleak midwinter of 1814, Christabel Wilton and her young son have little to celebrate. A soldier’s widow has enough trouble making ends meet the rest of the year, let alone at Christmas. The last person she expects, or wants, to see in her misery is Jonathan Frost, the suitor she jilted seven years ago.

Frost only means to pay a brief duty call on the Wiltons, but when he finds Christabel pale and feverish, he whisks her and her son away to his estate to recuperate. The only repayment he asks for his kindness is that they stay and help him celebrate the holidays.

Christabel reluctantly agrees. She is touched by Frost’s generosity, which she does not feel she deserves. The least she can do in return is bring some Yuletide cheer into his lonely life. Frost has never experienced such a warm, joyful Christmas. Yet he knows he must guard against having his heart broken again. The more time Christabel spends with Jonathan Frost, the more she regrets the deep hurt she caused him years ago. How easily she could lose her heart to him now…if only it is not too late!

" …long on emotions and the true spirit of the season: redemption, forgiveness and love."  ~ RT Book Reviews

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The Viscount Meets His Match

Previously Published in the anthology The Wedding Season Title: The Viscount Meets His Match

Much Ado About Nuptials!

Sebastian Viscount Benedict knows from bitter experience that marrying a woman of lower rank and fortune brings nothing but heartache. He is determined to prevent his beloved brother from making the same mistake by wedding the local squire’s daughter. Rebecca Beaton disagrees. She is certain her former pupil, Hermione, truly loves the viscount’s brother and will make him a devoted wife. She tries to persuade formidable Lord Benedict to give the young couple his blessing.

In spite of their many differences, Sebastian finds himself drawn to forthright, loyal Rebecca. Yet he fears his admiration for the lady may overturn his good judgment and erode his resolve. Rebecca fights her growing attraction to Sebastian, which threatens to divide her loyalties…and perhaps break her heart. If only she can help him believe in true love once again, there may be hope for more than one happy ending!

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Scandal on His Doorstep

Title: Scandal on His Doorstep

Three Noblemen and a Baby!

Jack Warwick's carefree, rakish existence comes to an abrupt halt when an infant is abandoned in front of the Mayfair townhouse he shares with two friends. A note suggests that one of the three bachelors is the father…but which? And who will care for the child until they can locate her mother?

There is only one woman Jack would trust with such a delicate task. Once his dearest friend, Annabelle is now the penniless widow of his beloved cousin. Enlisting her help with the baby is the perfect excuse to provide the assistance she would otherwise be too proud to accept from him.

Annabelle agrees, with great reluctance. She cannot turn her back on an abandoned child. Both she and Jack know the pain of being unwanted. Yet she fears rekindling old feelings for him, which were once far more than friendly…until he broke her heart. Besides, Jack is determined to reform his ways, find and marry the child's mother, in spite of his growing passion for Annabelle!

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Snowbound with the Baronet

Title: The Earls Honorable Intentions

A Second Chance to Say Yes?

The last person Lady Cassandra Whitney expected to encounter on a snowy road to Bath is the one man she’s never succeeded in banishing from her heart. Her reasons for refusing Sir Brandon Calvert ’s proposal four years ago are not what he believes. But how can she tell the rigorously truthful baronet that she deceived him? And how can she bring herself to reveal shameful family secrets?

Sir Brandon has spent the past four years trying to forget the woman who broke his heart. But when a fateful blizzard strands them together in a small farmhouse, warm affections are rekindled. Can the flame of true love burn bright enough to light the way for two lost hearts to find each another again, before the snow melts and they must go their separate ways?

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In A Stranger's Arms

Previously Published as Carpetbagger's Wife

Title: In A Stranger's ArmsWed to the Enemy! The War left Caddie Marsh a widow with only a rundown plantation, her children and Southern pride to sustain her. She would do anything to salvage Sabbath Hollow for the sake of her son and daughter, even wed one of the Yankees against whom she’s so bitter. The fact that Manning Forbes bears a disturbing resemblance to her late husband only makes matters worse. It would be easier if her new husband's integrity and kindness didn't stir up feelings he claims not to want from her…

Sworn to Protect… Manning Forbes has his own reasons for wanting to protect and provide for the Marsh family. Reasons he is desperate to keep from Caddie. If his beautiful, inquisitive bride discovers his true identity, Manning fears he will lose the family who has captured his heavily-guarded heart!

“Hale expertly evokes both the despair and hope that drove the lives of those who survived the Civil War, and her realistically flawed hero and heroine's struggles with their own guilt give this historical romance an emotional richness and depth readers will savor.” ~ John Charles, Booklist

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Title: The Wedding Season  Title: The Captains Christmas Family  Title: The Barons Governess Bride  Title: The Earls Honorable Intentions  Title: The Dukes Marriage Mission  Title: The Dukes Marriage Mission

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Rebecca, Marian, Grace, Hannah, Leah and Evangeline became fast friends while enduring a harsh childhood at the Pendergast Charity School. Now scattered throughout the kingdom, they work as governesses, never expecting to know the blessings of love, marriage and families of their own. But when their paths cross with some special gentlemen, these humble governesses may become Cinderella brides!

“ … a beautiful love story readers will delight in .” ~ Romantic Times Book Review

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Title: Deborah HaleTitle: Deborah HaleTitle: Deborah Hale

Ford Barrett, Hadrian Northmore and Simon Grimshaw all left Britain for various reasons, going half way around the world to make their fortunes. Now, though they have money, power and success, they discover those things mean nothing without a special person to share them. As destiny throws three unique women into their paths, these driven men discover that achieving material success was easy compared to the challenge of forging a close, passionate relationship that will last a lifetime.

"Engrossing and emotionally satisfying! Well-rounded characters and suspenseful twists will keep readers captivated." ~ RT Book Review

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Title: Deborah Hale

Based on the true story of Elizabeth Armistead, one of the most notorious and successful courtesans of 18th century England. From the harsh streets of London, Lizzie Cane rose to become the celebrated mistress of earls, dukes, and even a prince! Then at the height of her career, she risked everything she had struggled to gain by breaking the courtesan's cardinal rule...Never fall in love.

"In this book full of history, romance, and drama, you get to see how once penniless and homeless Elizabeth Bridget Cane became one of the most respected women in the empire. Her road there was filled not only with pain, turmoil, and jealousy, but also with happiness and love."
Lisa Binion Bella On-line

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